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Types of Concrete

Applying Advanced Technology for Customized Products

Byram produces ready mixed concrete for a wide range of applications. Combining advanced concrete technology with stringent quality control procedures our certified lab technicians customize mix designs to meet specific customer requirements.

All company plants are approved by the New York State Department of Transportation and use DOT and DEP approved materials. We are also certified and inspected by the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association.

In addition to standard placement and pumpable ready mixed concrete products, we offer a customizable range of premium mixtures to ensure proper strength, placement, workability and finish. Our specialty product offering includes:

High Strength Concrete

Concrete that achieves strengths from 6,000 psi. to over 10,000 psi. The concrete has high flexural strength and high abrasion resistance. The benefits of high strength concrete are potential reduction of reinforcing steel, reduction in dead loading and potential reduction of the column dimension to increase useable floor space for high rise buildings.

Self Consolidating Concrete (SCC)

Highly flowable non-segregating concrete that spreads into place, fills formwork and encapsulates reinforcement without any mechanical consolidation. It is used for architectural finishes, tight rebar configurations, complex shapes and confined areas (e.g. drilled shafts) where mechanical vibration can not be used.

Durable Concrete

Concrete specifically designed for severe weather conditions typically experienced by sidewalks and curbs with exposure to freezing and thawing cycles, deicing salts and plowing. This product has a low water cement ratio (0.45 Max.), high strength (4,500 psi) and a high cement content (6.5 bags per yd., Min.) to further densify the concrete. The City of New York and other municipalities are incorporating specifications for these difficult applications to try and achieve longer life cycles.

Color Concrete

Concrete mixed with a color pigment to make any color of your choice. The benefits are a fully mixed integral color that will last the life of the concrete. It is a great alternative to stains and dyes that are placed over the standard grey concrete that can fade or have color variations based on the quality of the applicator. The applications are anywhere concrete can be placed and is often installed with different textures to resemble brick, cobblestone, flagstone, or other finishes.

Lightweight Concrete

Concrete produced with lightweight aggregate that drastically reduces overall weight but achieves standard concrete strengths. This product enhances fire ratings and is ideal for slabs on metal decks for light/heavy commercial buildings. It may reduce structural steel requirements by reducing the dead load of the concrete.

Fiber-Reinforced Concrete

There are two different types of fiber reinforcement; Micro Synthetic Fiber and Macro Synthetic Fiber. Micro Synthetic Fiber is used as a secondary reinforcement to protect concrete from shrinkage cracks and improves freeze/thaw durability. Macro Synthetic Fiber is concrete that has an engineered amount of fiber that replaces welded wire fabric or it may be used as a secondary reinforcement. The fiber is mixed with the concrete for an even distribution of the product. The benefits include improved flexural strength, reduced plastic shrinkage cracks, reduced labor costs, increased production and increased safety factor. The applications range from warehouse floors, bridge decks, septic tanks, shotcrete applications and commercial slab on grade.

Flowable Fill Concrete (CLSM)

A self compacted cementitious mortar primarily used as a backfill in lieu of compacted soil. The compressive strength of this product approximates 100 psi. and can be manually excavated later, if necessary. The applications include: backfills, structural fills, pavement bases, sub-bases, conduit bedding, erosion control, void fillings, nuclear facilities and bridge reclamation. The product is discharged and placed quickly, safely and easily with little man power needed. Compaction is unnecessary and subsidence and settling after curing, does not occur. In addition, the company provides a variety of services in connection with our sale of ready mixed concrete products that can help reduce customers’ in-place cost of concrete. These services include automated scheduling and tracking systems, our Byram Text Alert technology and a fleet of modern front-discharge mixers.